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All-welded Forged Steel Ball Valve

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15 / 03 / 2023
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Rp. 566

Menerima :
Pabricator Hydraulik Test Bench
Max Pressure Pump : 25.000 Psi

Detail All-welded Forged Steel Ball Valve

All-welded forged steel ball valves are for use in pipelines. They guarantee safe flow stoppage through the combination of an all-welded forged steel body, eliminating the need for longitudinal welds, and a system of double seals in all seal assemblies including the seat seal assembly.
KITZ’s all-welded forged steel ball valves can be used to meet all of the needs required by a pipeline ball valve. Their main features are detailed below.

-All-welded one piece forged steel, eliminates the need for longitudinal welds, protecting product quality.
-The seat seal mechanism utilizes a “floating seal”, which makes use of spring force and fluid pressure, and can be used with both low and high-pressure media.
-The use of a rubber seat “double seal system” (metal/soft – metal seat) in the valve seat seal assembly produces a superior seal, durability and rapid recoverability.
-A wiper installed in the seat seal assembly prevents the entry of foreign substances and uniformly distributes sealant.
-The double seal stem assembly is designed with an eye to maintenance. The upper seal assembly can be changed even when the valve is in operation.
-The valve comes equipped with a safety lock to prevent the vent valve from unexpectedly flying off.
-Valves are designed to allow for x-ray inspection of all weld locations, including final welds. (Bore diameter of 4B and greater)

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Menerima : HYDROTES VALVE Max Pressure Pump : 25.000 Psi Brand : SAUTERN CALIFORNIA PUMP

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