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Diaphragm Valves DN100 Compact Tank Bottom Valve

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23 / 06 / 2022
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1 Unit



Menerima :
Pabricator Hydraulik Test Bench
Max Pressure Pump : 25.000 Psi

Detail Diaphragm Valves DN100 Compact Tank Bottom Valve

Saunders® S360 Lite
The Saunders® S360 Lite range provides standard closure for normally closed applications in a compact, lightweight package and is available through sizes DN8 – DN100 (0.25” – 4.00”).

The S360 Lite range is a very compact actuator that offers shutoff performance in line with standard industry
applications. The S360 Lite is available in normally closed mode of operation with optimised spring force up to closure to minimize stress on diaphragms. Suitable for 10 bar line pressure (Rubber diaphragm) and 8 bar (PTFE diaphragm) at 100% Delta P.

Saunders® S360 Power
The Saunders® S360 Power range offers higher operating closure performance in a compact package for high operating pressure or atypical closing conditions with high pressure on both sides of the weir. The S360 Power normally closed actuator is available through sizes DN15 – DN50 (0.50” – 2.00”).

The Saunders® S360 actuator is also available in normally open and double acting modes. Suitable for 16 bar line pressure at 100% Delta P (both PTFE and Elastomer diaphragm).

Easy Compressor Change
The Saunders® S360 has a unique compressor attachment that permits easy conversion of the compressor between rubber and PTFE diaphragms, minimizing the need to hold two sets of actuators in stock.

Saunders® S360
The S360 is a compact, lightweight, piston-type pneumatic actuator which has been developed to deliver superior performance for sterile BioPharm applications.

Key Features and Benefits
1. Modular range delivers compact dimensional envelope to reduce dead-leg between associated valves and optimises system design
2. Maintenance free piston technology provides powerful closure performance
3. Smooth corrosion resistant profile optimizes cleanability
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