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Diaphragm Valves Tank Bottom Valves

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23 / 06 / 2022
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Pabricator Hydraulik Test Bench
Max Pressure Pump : 25.000 Psi

Detail Diaphragm Valves Tank Bottom Valves

Multi-Port Diverter Valves - Zero Dead Leg Options
The family of Multi-Port valves includes the Diverter Valve range. These valves include 2-way diverters on through to clusters that have up to eight outlets.

Modern machining technology is employed in the design and manufacture of Saunders® range of Bio-Block diverter valves.
The result is a single valve without internal fabrication welds for maximum strength, with reduced
holdup volumes and without stagnant areas.

On one side of the weir there is a common chamber and on the other side of the weir the flow is divided and split into multiple control points. Diverter valve designs are ideal solutions whenever a process line needs to be divided into two or more process streams or when multiple lines are combined into one.

Multi-Port Deverter Valve Benefits:
1. Machined block construction, free from fabrication welds to enhance structural integrity
2. Minimal dead leg design will reduce risk of process contamination
3. Excellent drainage characteristics for quick and effective sterilization
4. Reduced space requirement provides greater flexibility in system design and simplified installation
5. Fully-certified range, with comprehensive validation support documentation on request

Tank Bottom Valves
The Saunders® tank bottom valve incorporates the performance and features of a diaphragm valve into a machined from solid tank outlet design. These valves are free from fabrication welds and dead legs, enhancing structural integrity and reducing the potential for process contamination. The absence of dead legs also improves drainability, and facilitates effective mixing.

Sample valves, purge valves and ports are easily incorporated into the tank bottom design to achieve the desired performance.

The resulting valve types are a hybrid or compound solution that entails the use of more than one valve concept; for example, combining a tank bottom valve with an access valve, a multi-port valve with access valves to perform as steam and condensate port or a point-of-use valve together with a sample valve. This process, combined with our manufacturing expertise, results in custom valve configurations that combine utility and performance.
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