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Fisher Fieldvue DVC 6000 valve positioner PT. MEGAR KARSA PERKASA Terlengkap

Fisher Fieldvue DVC 6000-series, single/double-acting, HART-based, digital valve controller with Performance Diagnostics. Are used for both rotary and sliding stem applications.
(a) Temperature range is -40 to +85⁰C (option EXTEMP -52⁰C)
(b) Point to point signal 4-20mA
(c) DVC6010 sliding, DVC6020 & DVC6030 rotary acting
(d) Low bleed relay option (std 14SCFH, low bleed 2SCFH at 20psi)
(e) I/O package: Digital Valve Controller
(f) Tiers: AC (Auto Calibrate) HC (HART Communications) AD (Advanced Diagnostics) PD (Performance Diagnostics, Std)
(g) Max supply 145 Psig
(h) Pneumatic & Conduit connections, 1/4"NPT & 1/2"NPT, M20, PG13.5
(i) Includes CE mark for Europe, Ex class acc to ATEX EEx ia/EEx d/EEx n, INMETRO Intrinsically safe/Flame proof, IEC Intrinsically safe/Flame proof/type N, NEPSI Intrinsically safe/Flame proof & dust
(j) Dual scale gauge Psig + bar-Mpa-Kg/cm2, 0-60 or 0-160Psig
(k) Mounting kits for Fisher and NAMUR VDI/VDE and kits to more than 30 other actuator brands
(l) Travel up to 8" (204mm) sliding & 90⁰ rotary
(m) Body mtrl Aluminium or SST​

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